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Valhalla Martial Arts, Kickboxing, And Fitness Reviews

  • Came here for a few years and it taught me discipline, hard work, and really showed me lots of technique in my boxing and kickboxing. Coach Mike is such a great guy and the environment is super nice. Best martial arts gym in town and way better than paragon

    Edgar Rodriguez
  • First time trying mixed martial arts and I love this place. The people are so welcoming and helping.

    JM Pulido
  • One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was joining this gym. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m learning martial arts, which has helped me accuire discipline at the gym and in my personal life.

    Marlon Tobar
  • I took up Muay Thai there for a bit with Mike and for the time I was there he was an amazing coach, he would video tape when you do technique and play it back so you can see where you’re messing up and what you can do too fix it. He is very detailed in his classes and I definitely recommend him

    Angel M Ramirez
  • I have been taking the Krav Maga classes for over 1 year now and it has been a great way to get into shape. I also get access to the weights (free weights and nautilus) so I do that too before or after the classes. The trainers are excellent and the environment is serious and fun at the same time. It is a family owned gym and it is a classic old school gym that makes you feel welcome. I see myself going there for many years and I strongly recommend it to others for Krav Maga, Sambo, MMA, boxing, Jujitsu, etc. training. See you there!

    Brad Hope
  • Whatever your goal is, fitness or technique this place will definitely help you get there. Also nice and welcoming environment . Highly recommend Valhalla.

    Maritere Lopez
  • Good place to learn martial arts for all ages

    Nathan Cometa
  • This is a wonderful place to work out. I do kickboxing and absolutely love it. When you work out here, you feel like part of the family, even when Mike kicks your butt. My son has been a student here since before he was 5 years old (he is almost 10 now) and Valhalla has made a positive impact on his life.

    Rachel Brian
  • Valhalla Gym is a great Gym run by a great Man. I will always back Valhalla Gym. Santa Barbara is in good hands.

    Steve Marcello Arce
  • A long time ago I wrote a post and I decided to write an even better post than that one and deleted the one I wrote before. Because my experience since than has gotten way better.

    Around 9 months ago I decided to lose some weight and start taking martial arts classes for fun and self defense. I had family members that went to valhalla and after listening to their advice and checking out yelp I decided to give it a shot. I have never regretted making that choice. Everyone you meet there is very supportive especially the staff. The instructors may be hard, but that is only because they want everyone to do their best and become the best they can be. Especially Sifu Michael McDonald. He's the owner and head instructor of Valhalla. He and the other members of the staff care more about members' well being, health, and taking classes than money. Before I joined valhalla I was not a confident person. But with their help i went from 245 pounds to 190 pounds And I gained a lot of confidence.

    Dona C.

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